Ajax Kung Fu Meets Accessibility Feng Shui

A presentation with Derek Featherstone at South by Southwest 2007.

Derek Featherstone: Hello, welcome to the intimate and interactive Ajax Kung Fu Meets Accessibility Feng Shui. I didn’t realize the lights were going to be this low but I think I’ll keep my voice like this for the whole time.

Yeah. Good morning everybody! A lot of empty seats, must have been a big party night last night. Everybody here reasonable? Or are you still hung over? Do we need to get some water passed out to the audience? We going to be all right? One thing to note, if you’ve been following the South by Southwest calendar, we are Ajax Kung Fu meets accessibility Feng Shui, but I do need to point out that I do not work for Prawn Song Records.

This actually happened to me when I checked in, they gave me my badge, and they said “You’re Derek Featherstone?” “Yes, this is me.” “But there’s this other picture on your profile, did you want to replace that?” I guess because it didn’t look like me—I thought it was from a previous year. So I get my badge and it’s Derek Featherstone of Prawn Song Records who is here apparently as a panelist for the music festival. This has never ever happened to me before, I didn’t know what to do but I really want to meet the guy so if anybody goes to the music part and th

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