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August 23rd
11:36am Preparing for cryosleep. See you on the other side, Chicago. adactio
10:50am I started posting and hosting my own photos seven weeks ago. There’s already more than 100 of them. adactio
10:50am A device agnostic approach to inlining CSS | Blog | Decade City adactio
10:15am Bumped up to business class. Squee! adactio
10:14am At Heathrow airport, channeling my inner @CraigMod. I am the Dalai Lama. adactio
7:57am Going to Chicago. brb adactio
2:50am I started posting and hosting my own photos seven weeks ago. There’s already more than 100 of them. picture
August 22nd
9:26pm Packing a bag for my trip to Chicago tomorrow. adactio
4:01pm Sad that @datatelling won’t be able to make it to @dConstruct after all …but so, so happy that @gsvoss will be speaking! adactio
3:47pm Georgina Voss at dConstruct adactio
2:52pm Stop. Trollkano time. adactio
12:06pm Rolling with the punches. adactio
9:11am Having a bacon sarnie for breakfast. #breakfastclub adactio
6:52am Stop. Trollkano time. picture
1:11am Having a bacon sarnie for breakfast. #breakfastclub picture
August 21st
5:02pm Improving accessibility on GOV.UK search | Technology at GDS adactio
August 20th
10:28pm Watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. Again. My favourite film of all time. Every viewing reveals something new. adactio
5:56pm Pop Sonnets adactio
5:39pm Jeremy Keith on the importance of creating products that last | netmag | Creative Bloq adactio
3:36pm Device testing at the @Clearleft open device lab. adactio
3:26pm Security for all adactio
7:36am Device testing at the @Clearleft open device lab. picture
August 19th
6:29pm Spice landscape. adactio
5:16pm CSS Guidelines – High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS adactio
5:16pm Ciaran Tourish, Dermott McLaughlin, Seamus Glackin, Kevin Glackin – Gusty's Frolicks message
5:14pm The Chieftains – An Raibh Tú ag an gCarraig? message
5:11pm The Chieftains – O'Sullivan's March message
5:07pm Kevin Griffin, Eoin O'Neill & Quentin Cooper – The Green Mountain/The Humours of Westport/The Bucks of Oranmore [Reels] message
5:02pm Tommy Peoples – The Geese in the Bog [Jig] message
4:59pm Ciaran Tourish, Dermott McLaughlin, Seamus Glackin, Kevin Glackin – Stirling Castle/Miss Ramsey message
4:54pm Bobby Casey – Jockey to the Fair [Set Dance] message
4:52pm Dermott McLaughlin – The Wedding Jig message
4:50pm The Chieftains – Pigtown / Tie The Ribbons / The Bag Of Potatoes message
4:47pm Tony Linnane, Jim O'Connor, Mick Conneely & Johnny McDonagh – The Wind that Shakes the Barley/The Reel with the Beryl [Reels] message
10:29am Spice landscape. picture
6:22am Working on an interesting project …with some fairly gross imagery. picture
August 18th
9:37am The adventures of @BillT in Brighton. picture
9:36am Lobster linguine for lunch. picture
9:35am Murphy’s been for a swim. picture
9:34am Brighton waves. picture
6:48am The @BearSkinRug-illustrated ALA article of mine was “They Shoot Browsers, Don’t They?” picture
6:46am The first A List Apart article of mine to get the @BearSkinRug treatment was “Behavioural Separation.” picture
August 16th
9:43am Touristing on Brighton. picture
9:42am Sushi. picture
August 15th
1:20pm Beef. picture
1:19pm Scallops. picture
1:18pm Scotch egg. picture
7:19am Seriously; what a line-up! picture
7:17am Writing to the @dConstruct speakers, and thinking “What a fantastic collection of people!” picture
August 13th
8:23am Attack of the post-it notes. picture
June 25th
3:05pm Downloading code samples domscripting
November 15th
5:28pm Evergreen domscripting
January 3rd
10:57pm Second Edition domscripting
May 6th
12:55pm HTML5 For Web Designers domscripting
January 15th
10:58am One point four domscripting
November 25th
6:22pm Fully Frontalled domscripting
August 21st
5:16pm November spawned a monster domscripting
April 20th
4:09pm Full Frontal domscripting
February 18th
5:23pm Unobtrusify domscripting
January 14th
8:55pm Happy birthday, jQuery! domscripting