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October 19th
5:43pm Revived with green tea and karaage. adactio
5:42pm Hirsch. adactio
5:41pm Bottles. adactio
5:40pm These whiskies. adactio
5:38pm Entering Nürnberg’s old town. adactio
9:43am Revived with green tea and karaage. picture
9:42am Hirsch. picture
9:41am Bottles. picture
9:40am These whiskies. picture
9:38am Entering Nürnberg’s old town. picture
October 18th
11:38am Having fun with @aaronpk, helping @border_none attendees mark up their sites with rel="me" links, h-entry classes, and webmention endpoints. adactio
8:42am Following on from Aaron’s start, I’m showing my posting interface at the border:none “creator unit.” adactio
October 17th
1:04pm Pork on pumpkin. adactio
12:51pm Feldsalat. adactio
10:49am Getting schooled in DOM Clobbering by @0x6D6172696F. adactio
9:56am What is still on the web after 10 years of archiving? - UK Web Archive blog adactio
8:59am Looking forward to a really good mix of talks at today’s @Border_None event. adactio
5:04am Pork on pumpkin. picture
4:52am Feldsalat. picture
October 16th
11:04pm On the anniversary of Jon Postel’s death, it’s worth re-reading @vgcerf’s RFC 2468. adactio
5:20pm Kaffee und Kucken. adactio
5:17pm Food photography. adactio
5:15pm Jessica is pleased with her plate of sausages and sauerkraut. adactio
4:12pm Replacing Radio Buttons Without Replacing Radio Buttons adactio
4:01pm Nürnberger Rostbratwürste mit Sauerkraut. Lecker! adactio
4:01pm Patty Toland — Design Consistency For The Responsive Web (Smashing Conference Freiburg 2014) on Vimeo adactio
3:58pm Jessica. adactio
9:20am Kaffee und Kucken. picture
9:17am Food photography. picture
9:15am Jessica is pleased with her plate of sausages and sauerkraut. picture
8:01am Nürnberger Rostbratwürste mit Sauerkraut. Lecker! picture
7:58am Jessica. picture
7:57am Nürnberg. picture
October 15th
2:38pm LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls message
2:34pm R.E.M. – Untitled message
2:31pm Led Zeppelin – Nobody's Fault But Mine message
2:25pm Leonard Cohen – The Partisan message
2:16pm Clint Mansell – I'm Sam Bell message
2:13pm Iva Davies, Christopher Gordon & Richard Tognetti – The Phasmid message
2:10pm Giant Sand – Astonished (in Memphis) message
2:05pm Jim Roll – Blue Guitar message
1:59pm U2 – Wire message
1:55pm The Twilight Singers – Martin Eden message
October 14th
9:29am Accessible Mini Click photo show in @68MiddleSt. picture
7:02am Wearing the lovely jumper that @wordridden made for me. picture
2:47am Red book, green book. Thank you, @JasonSantaMaria, @Monteiro, @ABookApart. picture
October 13th
11:07am Chicharrones. picture
9:44am I have no idea what I’m doing. picture
October 11th
3:52pm Preparing for lift-off at one of New York’s nascent spaceports, looking forward to getting home. picture
3:15pm Inside Brooklyn Beta. picture
June 25th
3:05pm Downloading code samples domscripting
November 15th
5:28pm Evergreen domscripting
January 3rd
10:57pm Second Edition domscripting
May 6th
12:55pm HTML5 For Web Designers domscripting
January 15th
10:58am One point four domscripting
November 25th
6:22pm Fully Frontalled domscripting
August 21st
5:16pm November spawned a monster domscripting
April 20th
4:09pm Full Frontal domscripting
February 18th
5:23pm Unobtrusify domscripting
January 14th
8:55pm Happy birthday, jQuery! domscripting