This is a disclaimer.

I have been writing and talking a lot about responsive web design, a pattern that I think emerges naturally from the principle of universal design. I will continue to write and talk about responsive and universal design in the future and I will continue to advocate a “one web” approach to treating all users fairly regardless of ability or device.

But here’s the thing: I am fully aware that there is no one correct answer to every situation. So even though I’m going to continue to bang the drum of one web, I’m not actually foolish enough to think that it’s a cure-all. I’m taking a deliberately Friedian approach in order to back up a stance that I think is woefully under-represented in most discussions of modern web development.

If you’re looking for the more honest, truthful answer to pretty much any question on web design and usability, here it is:

It depends.

I now return you to your regular schedule of absolutist self-righteous claims.

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Jeremy Keith

@luca_passani If you think my writing comes across as absolutist, that may be a failing in my writing.

Or you could be misreading.

Jeremy Keith

@luca_passani Clearly, you have opinions too. That doesn’t necessarily make you absolutist, and I wouldn’t dream of describing you that way.

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