Testing webmentions

I’m at Indie Web Camp and we’re onto the second day, which involves hacking on stuff (the first day involved discussing stuff).

I’ve had my head down attempting to implement webmentions on my site—basically a simpler form of pingback.

This probably won’t work, and this is the first basic step, but if you write a reply to this post on your own site, you should be able to ping me by entering your post’s URL into the form under this post.

Now, this is just a first run so all I’m doing is gathering the pings—I’m not actually going to fetch and parse your post; that step can come later. But if you want to help me kick the tires on this, write something on your site that links to this post and then enter your post’s URL below.

Have you published a response to this? :


@adactio Crossing my fingers that this post makes it! #indiewebcampuk #webmention

@adactio.com Testing WebMention! Thanks so much for an incredible conference and experience in Brighton, UK! Hope to experience it again next year!

# Posted by Amber Case on Monday, September 9th, 2013 at 3:07am

Just some sort of test webmention to Jeremy Keith.

Really liking the way Jeremy Keith adds a webmention sending form to his journal entries — makes it super easy for people to send webmentions if they haven’t automated it yet. #indieweb

@sandeepshetty @pfefferle cweiske Something new to consider: Jeremy Keith added a webmention sending form to his journal entries to help people who’s websites don’t support webmention already. Being able to test and use webmention through a human visible, interactable form is a huge benefit of using HTTP form encoded data.

We can make this an even stronger case by encouraging success and error responses to be full HTML documents with helpful copy.

See also * http://tantek.com/2013/258/t2/web-protocols-should-use-http-params-no-xml * http://adactio.com/journal/6469/ * http://adactio.com/journal/6495/

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Working with screenreaders and magnification software, which I do on a daily basis at my work, really shows you how important good web design can be. Knowing a bit about how websites are put together should enable me to work out what is going on when the software misbehaves. Also I’m hoping to get familiar with a few of the new web standards (eg ARIA landmarks). As screenreader software can use them to help users navigate websites, having some idea of what they are an how they work will be a useful teaching tool.


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I’m hoping to “indiewebify” my site and make it as indieweb-compliant as possible. I used to host this site on WordPress, where I could do it pretty easily using a custom theme and some plugins. Not so easy on my own site, as I’m not really all that sure about some of the bits of coding. But having something to work toward is a good motivator to learning…

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