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100 words 005

Day five.

100 words 003

Day three.

Star wheels

I have a bad feeling about this.

Cerf rocks

Long-term thinking for digital storage.

Hackfarming Blood Buddies

We went into the countryside and we made a thing.


A collaboration between Clearleft and the Wellcome Trust.


For all its flaws, Interstellar is boldly brilliant.


Reports of the death of the personal site has been greatly exaggerated.

Be progressive

Progressive enhancement, developer convenience, and isomorphic JavaScript.

Indie web building blocks

Small pieces, loosely stacked.


What I did at Science Hack Day San Francisco.

Indie Web Camp UK 2014

A productive weekend.

This week in Brighton

Reasons To Be Creative, Dots, Improving Reality, Indie Web Camp, Maker Faire, Laser Synths, and of course, dConstruct.


Replicating my URL structure on Twitter.

Indie Web Camp Brighton

Right after dConstruct.

The telescope in the woods

A trip to the Baldone Schmidt telescope in Latvia.

Notes from a small website

Posting to Twitter from adactio.com

Selfish publishing

It’s not you, it’s me.


There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

Talking and travelling

Boston to Austin to Baltimore to San Diego.

Connections: Weak Signals

Popping the Connections cherry in style at 68 Middle Street.

Communication for America

Transatlantic client calls.

Writing from home

Personal publishing.

In dependence

This is my website. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Icon fonts, unicode ranges, and IE8’s compatibility mode

A tricksy browser issue raises a dark spectre from the past.


Three cities in two weeks.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Today is Ada Lovelace day.

Radio Free Earth

Hazy cosmic jive.

Science Hack Day San Francisco

Getting excited and making things with science in the best possible venue.

The literary operator

A beautiful machine.

CERN and the line-mode browser

Two days in geek paradise.

Parsing webmentions

Hell has frozen over …you can now comment on my site. But there’s a catch.

Testing webmentions

Ping! Ping! Ping!

August in America, day fifteen

San Diego, California.

August in America, day fourteen

San Diego, California.

August in America, day thirteen

San Diego, California.

August in America, day eleven

Sierra Vista, Arizona.

August in America, day nine

Sierra Vista, Arizona.

August in America, day eight

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; Tucson, Arizona.

August in America, day seven

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Brighton in September

Five weeks and counting to dConstruct 2013.

Slow glass

Other days, other eyes.


Not all media queries are created equal.

A question of time

My answer to a deceptively simple-sounding question.

Dealing with IE again

Some clarification.

Dealing with IE

The hacks we shouldn’t have to do.

Returning control

To love something, it has to be set free.

iOS Six Fix

Finally, a cure for the common bug.

To CERN with love


RoboHornet’s nest

For shame, Microsoft.

Listen to Brighton SF

The audio (and transcript) is available for your listening (and reading) pleasure.

Questions, please

What should I ask Brian Aldiss, Lauren Beukes, and Jeff Noon?

Your own words

Reclaim what you publish: come along to IndieWebCamp in Brighton on September 9th.


Brighton SF just got even better.

Fanfare for the common breakpoint

“Common” breakpoints are the new fold.

Responsive questions

Responding to responsiveness, as prompted by MacUser UK magazine.

Space by Botwest

A day of robots, science hacks, digital preservation and the new aesthetic.


A mobile-first approach to UA-sniffing.

Media queries and multiple columns

Responsiveness in the second dimension.

Who goes there?

From another world.


A Christmas letter.

One week of Map Tales

A grab-bag of stories, illustrated with maps.

Speaking, not hacking

I had fun at Build in Belfast but alas, I didn’t make it to Science Hack Day in San Francisco.

Responsible responsive images

A future-friendly approach to mobile-first responsive design.


Who knows where the time element goes?


I have come here to watch an all-night movie marathon and chew bubblegum. And I am all out of bubblegum.


Going to Belfast.

Ending September

I travelled. I talked.

Improving Reality

Documenting the infinite loop between science fiction and reality in digital art, cinema and gaming.


The birthplace of the Future Friendly movement.

Days of science and hacking

Want to go to Science Hack Day San Francisco? Organise a Science Hack Day in your town.


Our collective creativity, no matter how ugly, is worth preserving.

Indie Web Camping

The dream of independent publishing is alive in Portland.

Ethan Marcotte: The Responsive Designer’s Workflow

Liveblogging Ethan’s talk at An Event Apart in Boston.

Veerle Pieters: The Experimental Zone

Liveblogging Veerle’s talk at An Event Apart in Boston.


Another way of ensuring Internet Explorer gets your layout styles.

Windows mobile media queries

Solving that pesky Windows Phone 7 problem.

Skillful stories

An excellent night of narrative exploration in Brighton.

Orientation and scale

Attempting to patch a bug in Mobile Safari.


Clarifying the problem space of responsive web design.

A dark star is born

We are dark stardust, we are golden, we are puppets.

Hacking History

An excellent weekend spent finding stories within data.

Tweaking Huffduffer

An oEmbed nip here, a responsive design tuck there.

Postscript to Space

I miss Arthur C. Clarke.


An advent calendar for fonts, complete with responsive layout.


My project at Science Hack Day San Francisco

Sea change

Oh, the humanity!

Responsive enhancement

A responsive refresh of adactio.com that takes progressive enhancement to the next level.

Responsive refresh

Giving the UX London site some extra flexibility.

Delivering Sorrow

The new Salter Cane album is available for your listening pleasure.

A responsive mind

Responsive web design is about more than just media queries.

Team meme

I’m with Team Sharkjumper.

Making Science Hack Day happen

If I can do it, so can you.


From Web Directions @media to Science Hack Day.

A site for Science Hack Day

A bit of HTML5 and a slap of CSS3 …for science!


There is nothing in this world more bitter than Spring.

Spam of the Gods

Greetings, I write you as a humble spacefaring probe…

Science hack space

The Guardian building is the perfect venue.

Science hack date, science hack place

We have a place and a date for Science Hack Day.

Calling all scientists

Your wiki needs you.