Archive: November 2nd, 2001

The Brick Testament

Now, this is what the Internet was made for: Bible stories in Lego form.

This isn’t a parody. The site is run by The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith.

I love the disclaimer at the bottom:

"This site is in no way sponsored authorized or endorsed by the LEGO company"

Never mind what God might think of it, just keep those lawyers at bay.

Movie industry dealt DVD-cracking blow

This is good news. The infamous DeCSS code is protected under free speech.

In other words, you can now post a line of Perl on your website or wear it on a t-shirt without being arrested.

"The movie industry’s "statutory right to protect its economically valuable trade secret is not an interest that is ‘more fundamental’ than the First Amendment right to freedom of speech," the judges wrote. Nor is it "on equal footing with the national security interests and other vital governmental interests that have previously been found insufficient to justify a prior restraint.""

Giant Sand

The Giant Sand concert was lots of fun.

Before the gig, Jessica and I cooked up a kitchen full of tex-mex goodies. Catherine, Chris and Karin all partook of the munchables and we got into the spirit of things.

The concert was being held, quite literally, at the end of our street (and our street isn’t very long). So we strolled out the front door, walked a few steps and we were there.

A band called Lazarus Clamp (from Leicester, I think) were playing when we arrived. They were quite good - reminded me a bit of The Go-Betweens.

Next up was an American band called Noah John. They were great; good countrified fun that got the audience nicely warmed up.

Then Giant Sand came on and did there thing.

I’ve seen them twice before so I knew to expect the unexpected. They played some songs, jammed around and generally made lots of noise. This time, they had a trumpet player and a fiddle player with them (as well as the two French backing singers they had last time I saw them in Freiburg).

Everyone had a good time, Howe Gelb included. They seem to like Brighton:

"Nice beach. That’s some odd sand you’ve got there… very large."

Here are some pictures of the concert.