Archive: November 12th, 2001


I spent most of today making tweaks and changes to my little portal.

I also updated the galleries so you can now view journal illustrations all together in one place.

I also did some laundry.

Apart from the laundry, these weren’t particularly urgent tasks. The truth is that I’m procrastinating.

I *should* be diligently learning how to write nifty Flash actionscripts. I’m making a website for the band and, partly as an exercise for myself, I want to do it in Flash.

This always happens when I’m faced with a big project - I spend a lot of time thinking about what I’m going to do but I always put off actually getting down to work. It was the same with The Session, my first time approaching heavy database work.

Actually, thinking about it, that worked out really well and it was certainly good that I planned everything out.

Still, I’ve got that feeling of guilt that comes with knowing I should be doing something. I need more self-discipline.