Archive: November 17th, 2001

The ugly world of PCs

Jessica and I got plenty of exercise today. We walked to the far end of town to look at the wares at PCworld.

Our mission was to find a halfway nice looking PC and monitor. We needn’t have bothered.

Jessica is thinking of getting a desktop computer. Right now, she’s using a laptop (a lovely Sony Viao) but for reasons of ergonomics and file backups, a proper PC might be in order.

The problem is that it’s going to sit in our living room/bedroom and there isn’t all that much room to spare. That’s why we were mostly looking at flat screen monitors.

The overall verdict, though, was "Ewww, ugly!" to most of the stuff on display.

I didn’t think about the looks much when I got my machine, but now I’m really grateful that I’ve got an iMac sitting in front of me. Unfortunately, because of the software she uses, Jessica is probably locked in to using a PC.

Why, oh why are PC towers and monitors so darned ugly? Have you ever met anyone who’s favourite colour is beige?