Archive: November 20th, 2001

Ice Mold

I smold, you smold, we all smold for ice mold.

The Czars

I went out last night to see a band called The Czars. Actually, I saw two fifths of the band: the singer and guitarist are doing a little mini-tour ‘round England.

I had seen the full band. They played support to 16 Horsepower when I saw them in Strasbourg quite a while back. I remember thinking they were a good band with a really good singer.

My memories were correct. The singer has an amazing voice. It was a joy to listen to him, even with the songs stripped down to the bones of voice and guitar (a guitar with lots of effects can make a lot of noise).

Remember folks, you heard it here first: The Czars are a band to watch out for.

Osama's Nuclear Plans Half-Baked

Here’s a tale of the blind leading the blind.

When BBC journalists discovered documents related to building a nuclear device in recently liberated Al-Qaeda strongholds, they took the documents at face value. It’s probably safe to assume that Al-Qaeda also thought that they were in possession of some dangerous documents.

In fact, the documents were an obviously humourous satirical piece from The Journal of Irreproducible Results.

Presumably, some Bin Laden crony thought he could get all the info he needed by simply typing "How to build an atom bomb" into Google.

I find it somehow reassuring to know that Al-Qaeda would be stupid enough to accept the satire as real but it’s very disconcerting to think that the BBC would also be that dim.