Archive: November 29th, 2001

More Anagram Fun

Here’s some more fun from the Modern Humorist: "If poets wrote poems whose titles were anagrams of their names".

William Blake gives us Likable Wilma:

"Wilma, Wilma, in thy blouse,

Red-haired prehistoric spouse,

What immortal animator

Was thy slender waist’s creator?"

Ban on DVD-cracking code upheld

Following up on an earlier post, a court has now ruled that it is illegal for me to write this here:

#!/usr/bin/perl # 472-byte qrpff, Keith Winstein and Marc Horowitz <> # MPEG 2 PS VOB file -> descrambled output on stdout. # usage: perl -I <k1>:<k2>:<k3>:<k4>:<k5> qrpff # where k1..k5 are the title key bytes in least to most-significant order

s”$/=\2048;while(<>){G=29;R=142;if((@a=unqT="C*",_)[20]&48){D=89;_=unqb24,qT,@ b=map{ord qB8,unqb8,qT,_^$a[—D]}@INC;s/…$/1$&/;Q=unqV,qb25,_;H=73;O=$b[4]<<9 |256|$b[3];Q=Q>>8^(P=(E=255)&(Q>>12^Q>>4^Q/8^Q))<<17,O=O>>8^(E&(F=(S=O>>14&7^O) ^S*8^S<<6))<<9,_=(map{U=_%16orE^=R^=110&(S=(unqT,"\xb\ntd\xbz\x14d")[_/16%8]);E ^=(72,@z=(64,72,G^=12*(U-2?0:S&17)),H^=_%64?12:0,@z)[_%8]}(16..271))[_]^((D>>=8 )+=P+(~F&E))for@a[128..$#a]}print+qT,@a}’;s/[D-HO-U_]/\$$&/g;s/q/pack+/g;eval

Walk For Capitalism

I think I’m going to be sick.

"We proudly uphold: Free trade, globalization, liberty, profit, free speech, technology, universal individual rights, intellectual and material prosperity, private property, rule of law, innovation, creativity, human dignity and happiness."

Hmmm… just seeing "globalization" and "liberty" written next to each other looks wrong.

I think they tagged on "human dignity and happiness" as an afterthought - well, they couldn’t come before "material prostperity" and "private property".

And could somebody explain why a site so obviously dedicated to commercialism has the ".org" suffix instead of ".com"?