Archive: February 19th, 2002


I think it’s high time we had a new CSS theme here to brighten the place up a little.

I’ve created the Zeldman theme to honour the man who has probably done more than anybody else to advance the cause of CSS+Valid markup.

When Jeffrey Zeldman redesigned A List Apart and tied it in with the WaSP’s browser upgrade campaign, it was like the first drops of rain that would soon turn into a storm, the pebbles that set a landslide in motion, the hole in the dam that unleashes the flood, the careless skiier that starts an avalanche, the first pringle in a tube that you know you’ll have to finish because, well, once you pop you just can’t stop…

Excuse me.

What I’m saying is that thanks to Jeffrey Zeldman there are now a lot more sites out there using CSS for layout. This site is one of them.

The least I could do was steal his icons, wrap ‘em in a two-pixel border and stick ‘em on an orange background.

By the way, I checked with the man himself to make sure he was okay with it and he said:

"It’s lovely and very well done. I’m honored. Thank you."

Mac voyeurs

ZDNet has created a monster.

A couple of weeks ago, David Coursey said he was going try using just Macs for a month to see what the migration from Windows-land would be like. So far, the results have been very positive.

Now, however, he seems to have crossed that invisible line that separates the two camps in the OS battle. In his latest column, he rants about people he refers to as Mac voyeurs:

"Frankly, I am getting a bit tired of telling these Windows bigots - people who don’t even know why they use Windows except that everyone else does - about the wonders of Macintosh. Hell, Windows is just fine for them, so I’d hate to push them into a non-conformity they just couldn’t handle."

Ouch! I don’t think he’s going to win any converts with that kind of talk.

Luckily, even if David Coursey issues a Fatwa, Jessica will be safe. She’s about to become a fully fledged Mac user.

It was this "suite deal" that clinched the decision. Now we’re just counting the days ‘till her gorgeous new iMac shows up.