Archive: February 28th, 2002

The Insidious Virus of Greedy Record Companies

This speech from the grammy awards is far more succinctly summed up by this image.

Thoughtcrime at

This is pretty shocking. Heather Hamilton has lost her job because she keeps an online journal.

Never mind the fact that she is an extremely talented and creative designer as well as one of the best writers on the web, bar none - she’s thinking a little too different, apparently.

Of course, she’d still have her job if she didn’t insist on actually using her free time creatively. Why couldn’t she just go to the gym, watch TV and consume brand name products like a good little worker bee?

The hypocrisy of the New Media economy makes me spit. These oh-so-hip companies will extoll the virtues of their "young, dynamic, creative" teams and give them all the "freedom" to get paid in stock options. Just don’t try to create a union.

What’s really shocking is to see how a lot of people don’t have a problem with being completely at the mercy of an employer, whether in the workplace or out of it:

"When you agree to work for a corporation, you lose a few constitutional rights. That’s all. You can’t engage in parody."

To put a positive spin on all of this, it’s fair to say that Heather is better off not working for that boss and, hey, now that she has more free time, maybe she’ll write even more.

Have iPod, Will Secretly Bootleg

I know it’s software piracy but I find this hilarious.

A kid walks into CompUSA, plugs his iPod into a display copy of a Mac and copies Office X almost instantly.

"Webb watched the teenager copy a couple of other applications. He left the kid to find a CompUSA employee. "I went over and told a CompUSA guy, but he looked at me like I was clueless," Webb said.

Unsure whether the kid was a thief or an out-of-uniform employee, Webb watched as he left the store. "I thought there’s no point in getting any more involved in this imbroglio," Webb said. "Besides, this is Texas. You never know what he might have been carrying.""

Well, we know he was carrying an iPod and it worked better and faster than attempting armed robbery.

Silicon Beach

I spent yesterday evening in the company of fellow Brightonites of the new-media persuasion.

The good people at Silicon Beach organised a day-long event. I missed the afternoon seminars because of band practice. The really interesting stuff was in the evening anyway.

Head honchos from Get Frank, Kerb and Victoria Real all came along to share their experiences and answer questions.

Their experiences could be mostly summed up as:

"We were really lucky a couple of years ago that people threw loads of money at us to do online stuff… I wouldn’t want to try to break into that market now."

The questions boiled down to:

"How did you come up with the company name?"

The Kerb presentation was by far the most entertaining, complete with chicken anecdotes, animation demonstrations and a sneak peak at their soon to be relaunched website.

I also took some pictures.