Archive: March 5th, 2002

Bag Tax

It’s about time: a tax on plastic bags is being introduced in Ireland:

"The 13 cents per bag levy, thought to be one of the EU’s first of its type, is meant to pare way back the 1.2 billion bags given out annually in the state of 3.8 million residents."

I’ve often thought that charging money for plastic bags would single-handedly clean up the Irish landscape. It’s depressing, taking the train from Cobh to Cork, to see the sheer quantity of plastic that clogs the river Lee.

Of course, in a nation of moaners, some people are upset. Stop using plastic bags, then. Or at least stop using each time you buy one single item in a shop.

After living in Germany, going back to England and Ireland is like going into the past, environmentally speaking. As for the States… don’t even get me started!

Macromedia Unveils Macromedia Flash MX

Flash 6 …sorry… Flash MX is about to be released.

There are quite a few new features and, interestingly, a lot of them are geared towards making Flash sites more accessible.

I’m intrigued to see just how far these new features can go. Luckily for me, Macromedia are coming to town.

There’s a seminar on Wednesday morning showcasing this new version of Flash and another on Thursday morning highlighting accessibility issues.

Needless to say, I’ll be reporting on how I fare at these seminars.

Actually, Wednesday is shaping up to be quite a busy day. There’ll be a seminar in the morning, band practice in the afternoon and a new-media social gathering in the evening.

Note to self: must find time to eat.