Archive: March 10th, 2002

Fame at last

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It was nice of Jason to link to me. I wrote him an email a while back about the re-opening of The Millennium Bridge.

However, I can’t take the credit for discovering all that nifty stuff about the fixing of the bridge. The man to credit is Ben Hammersley.

Creationists in Gateshead

It looks the Bible Belt now extends to England.

Teachers at the city technology college in Gateshead are persuading pupils of the literal truth of the Bible at the expense of evotionary theory.

Needless to say, Richard Dawkins isn’t happy.

While creationists may take comfort in the new development, flat-earth theorists will be dissapointed by this statement from the school:

"The evolution/creation debate is all about to what extent the scientific evidence is there to support or undermine the other view… I don’t think [evolution] is as proven as the world being round."