Archive: May 6th, 2002

Soundtracks of my tears

Dear Sony Classical,

I was in a store today where I saw the newly released soundtrack to Star Wars, Episode II.

I was about to buy the CD on the spot when I noticed the "will not play on Mac/PC" disclaimer.

I guess you don’t want my money, then.

You’ve lost my custom.

How dare you dictate on which devices I may or may not listen to music?

You are effectively forcing me to somehow get hold of the music through other, possibly illicit, means.


A very disatisfied (potential) customer.

u l t r a m i c r o s c o p i c

My new favourite ‘blog is Ultramicroscopic.

Great design, great writing.

Google bombing Verisign

The Hoopla debacle still shows no sign of being resolved.

It’s time to Google bomb Verisign. It’s Verisign who are responsible for this so let’s get Verisign’s attention.

Don’t know what a Google bomb is? Just try doing a Google search for Scientology.

Let’s do the same for Verisign.

That’s Verisign.