Archive: May 9th, 2002


Here’s a great site I found in my referral logs: Jonathan Macy Biggs. Behold the beautiful design and validating pages!

In a recent journal entry, he points to a neat little application designed for bloggers with Macs. iTunesTrackInfo uploads a small text file to a web server. This textfile contains the title of the current song being played in iTunes.

I’ve decided to incorporate it into this page for a while. The app tends to make my Mac a little sluggish but it’s a nifty idea.

$95,000 Adventure @

I’ve just finished reading this incredible but true story:

"In May of 1995, I suddenly found myself smack in the middle of a very unusual ‘life experiment.’ I deposited a junk mail check into my ATM and to my absolute dismay, it cashed. Thus began the wildest adventure I’ve ever been on in my life."