Archive: June 5th, 2002

eMac - the E is for Everybody

I see that Apple have opened up the eMac to everyone - not just the education sector.

It’s quite amazing value for money. For less than a thousand pounds you can have a G4 mac with a 17" flat screen.

It’s very tempting, especially for people like me who can’t quite afford a nice new G4 iMac.

Mirror Project pictures

It’s hard to believe that the weather so nice just a couple of days ago when I took this picture of myself reflected in Jessica’s sunglasses.

It’s also hard to believe that it’s just ten days since Jessica snapped this picture of herself in Finland.

Back to normal

I had my moment in the limelight with Salter Cane last night. All in all, it went really well.

Johnny Dowd was excellent as were Songdog, who also played.

People seemed to genuinely like our music too, which was very gratifying. Of course, having my mother in the audience guaranteed us having at least one fan.

Today I saw my mother to the airport as she headed back to Ireland. Right on cue, the weather turned miserable and a deluge was unleashed on the streets of London and Brighton.

No more concert, no more guests and no more nice weather. In short, it’s business as usual.