Archive: July 4th, 2002

The Internet Debacle - An Alternative View

Here’s a great article, written by Janis Ian of all people, on what a huge mistake record companies are making in their approach to MP3s.

"the music industry had exactly the same response to the advent of reel-to-reel home tape recorders, cassettes, DATs, minidiscs, VHS, BETA, music videos ("Why buy the record when you can tape it?"), MTV, and a host of other technological advances designed to make the consumer’s life easier and better."

"If you think about it, the music industry should be rejoicing at this new technological advance! Here’s a fool-proof way to deliver music to millions who might otherwise would never purchase a CD in a store. The cross-marketing opportunities are unbelievable. It’s instantaneous, costs are minimal, shipping non-existant… a staggering vehicle for higher earnings and lower costs. Instead, they’re running around like chickens with their heads cut off, bleeding on everyone and making no sense."

View my profiles

As I was filling out my details at yet another site today, I began to wonder how many different profiles there are of me out there.

Here’s what I found: The Brighton New Media mailing list,, the Association of New Media Freelancers, Design For Community and my own site, The Session.

I hardly needed to have bothered writing about myself for this site.

Blood art sucks and bloodsucker art

It’s a bad day for questionable art:

"Blood sculpture ‘melted’", "Man denies Thatcher statue charge".