Archive: July 26th, 2002


I got a nice email from Richard Rutter who has a great blog called Clagnut.

Dig the beautiful CSS layout, valid code and accessible <label> tags in the forms.

He lives in Brighton so I guess this town *is* big enough for two PHP coding, web standards promoting, CSS evangelists.

Richard also runs a site dedicated to curry. I’ve added my own little contribution. Here’s my review of the best takeaway in Brighton.

Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black

Here’s a real labour of love. Informative and funny, it’s a look at the history of one typeface: Cooper Black.

And when you’re done with that hefty but worthwhile download, here’s some further typographic reading: "The Scourge Of Arial".

It’s from the same guy who gave us the classic "Typecasting", the use and misuse of period typography in movies.

NetNewsWire Lite

If you’re using OS X on a Mac, you should check out this great new application from Ranchero.

NetNewsWire Lite is an RSS aggregator for the desktop. It has a very nice interface and allows you to subscribe to, and unsubscribe from, RSS feeds easily.

It’s stuff like this that gets me all excited about the possibilites of XML/RSS.

Incidentally, if you do install it and you’d like to get the latest headlines from adactio, here’s my RSS feed.