Archive: September 4th, 2002

Topsy Turvy World

This is satire:

"The highly touted "Internet Revolution" took another major step forward Monday, when Compaq unveiled the breakthrough Compaq Presario 6000, a $4,995 multimedia computer system that enables users to download files containing network-television programs and display them on a computer monitor."

This is genuine:

"Besides digital photo, music and movie features already available with Windows XP, the new PCs also would serve as TV tuners and digital video recorders (DVRs) for copying TV shows to the computer’s hard drive. But Microsoft has included copy-protection with the operating system that uses encryption to lock recorded TV shows to the PC."

Even ICANN are mad at Verisign

Verisign gets a ticking off from ICANN:

"According to VeriSign’s Whois data, the domain was registered to ‘Toto’, residing at ‘the yellow brick road’ in ‘Oz, KS 06750’"

If Verisign keep up the bad work, they may well lose the .com registry. That would be a great day for customers.