Archive: September 7th, 2002

New feature

I’ve add an extra little widget to my journal.

If you look under the heading "Pictures", you’ll see that there’s now a random image feature. It’s a bit like the mirror project picture that’s already there.

The image links through to the gallery from which the image is taken.

Refresh the page for some random image action.

For the PHP geeks amongst you, this was done mostly by using the readdir() and rand() functions.

The Decline Of Western Magazine Design

An excellent article detailing the homogenisation of magazine covers:

"Take a look at your local newsstand and here’s what you’ll see: racks upon racks of magazines that look almost identical. Whether they focus on music, fashion, cigars, fitness, women, or men, most magazines typically feature a grinning celebrity on the cover peeking out from behind squadrons of coverlines. It wasn’t always like this."

The article then follows this up with some real world examples.

The competitive sport of Cup Stacking

Take a look at this video from a cup stacking contest. It looks like some hollywood CGI effect but it’s actually real time cup stacking:

"Cup stacking is an exciting individual and team sport where participants stack and unstack 12 specially designed plastic cups (Speed Stacks) in pre-determined sequences."