Archive: September 22nd, 2002

Lee Hazlewood

I went to half a concert last night.

I had known for weeks that Lee Hazlewood would be playing. i definitely wanted to see him - he’s a living legend and all that stuff - but the ticket price was a bit rich for my taste.

So it wasn’t until the very evening of the concert that Jessica and I, persuaded by Chris and Karin upstairs, decided to go.

We left the house a little after eight o’ clock and walked to the Brighton Dome. Upon arrival, we discovered that Lee Hazlewood had already been playing for 45 minutes, that he was going to play for just another 45 and that the box office was closed.

It looked that was the end of our evening right there.

Catherine, our drummer, was with us and she was resourceful enough to ask to speak to the promoter, an acquaintance of hers. We felt really bad about dragging her out of the gig, but she came out and gave us some tickets that had been reserved but unclaimed from the guest list. And that’s how I ended up seeing half a concert.

Very good it was, too. He didn’t do any of his classics like "Sand" or "Some Velvet Morning", although he did the obigatory "These Boots Are Made For Walking". He was ably supported on stage by members of The High Llamas.

Anyway, even if the gig hadn’t been good, I could hardly complain. After all, I didn’t end up paying anything.

I feel like such a freeloader.