Archive: September 24th, 2002

Apple Pro Keyboard

I had a bit of a hardware crisis last night.

I blame it on multi-tasking. I foolishly attempted to have a sip of tea whilst playing Aliens vs. Predator. Not a good idea.

In the game, a nasty alien gave me a good scare which resulted in tea spilt on my keyboard in the real world.

I cleaned it off, carried on, and didn’t think too much of it.

Later on, though, keys started to repeat and before too long, the keyboard stopped working altogether.

I drained the keyboard as best I could by turning it on its side and left it out to dry overnight. I would have liked to open it up but Apple has made them all but impregnable.

Today, it’s working (touch wood).

Still, I wonder if its only a matter of time before my keyboard is totally kaput. Maybe I should invest in a new one and vow to take better care of it.

Thank goodness I had my iBook to fall back on.

Reading Time

This picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

The Web's future: XHTML 2.0

Here’s a great article over at IBM detailing the changes that are in store for us with XHTML 2.0.

There’s a lot of very exciting stuff in there; XForms, images as objects and every tag potentially having an href attribute.

It’s a lot easier to read than the official spec.