Archive: September 30th, 2002


I have been blogging now for exactly one year.

As Kermit the frog once said, time sure is fun when you’re having flies.

To celebrate my blogging anniversary, I’ve added an extra little feature to the archive list. There’s a link that points to journal entries from a year ago to the day.

Actually, this is mostly for my benefit. I find it fascinating to read what I was thinking about 365 days ago.


Rejoice! For Heather Hamilton is back.

I’m beginning to think that blogging is like an addictive substance. You can try to give it up but you’ll always come back to it.

Just how long do you think you can last without it, Derek?


Jessica refuses to believe that JCPenney are actually selling the "Forward Command Post" model in their catalogue:

"Take command of your soldiers from this fully outfitted battlezone. 75-piece set includes one 111/2"H figurine in military combat gear, toy weapons, American flag, chairs and more."

It’s like a doll’s house but a bombed-out doll’s house.