Archive: November 23rd, 2002

MacExpo 2002

The MacExpo was fun. Crowded and noisy, but fun.

There wasn’t any new hardware for me to drool over this year. I still found myself drooling over the iPod though. One year on, and it’s actually become even better. Seeing an iPod work together with iSync to transfer calendars and addresses was very impressive indeed.

The most fun part of the MacExpo was the gaming alley - a phalanx of G4s running all the latest first-person shooters and strategy games.

To offset all the hi-tech modern gadgetry of the MacExpo, Jessica and I paid a visit to The British Museum. Even though it was a miserable wet day, the covered courtyard of the reading room still felt bright and fresh. It’s the Mac of the architecture world.

crowds at the expo