Archive: November 29th, 2002

The Session

I’ve had some free time this week and, in typical geek fashion, I’ve been spending it coding PHP.

I’ve been tweaking the code over at The Session to make it leaner and more elegant.

I was also planning to improve its search engine friendliness by making “clean” URLS with Apache and .htaccess (as outlined in this article). But then I noticed that its search engine placement couldn’t be better.

A lot of the time, if you type in the name of well-known Irish jigs and reels into Google, the first result will be a link to that tune at The Session.

In fact, using Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” button often works better than using the tune search facility at The Session.

Observe: “The Bucks Of Oranmore”, “The Pipe On The Hob”, “Out On The Ocean”, “The Boys Of Bluehill”

Google likes me.