Archive: January 22nd, 2003

A gallery of travellery

As I prepare for my next ‘plane trip, I thought I’d share these pictures of an airplane journey.


Jessica and I are headed to Seattle.

We’ll be catching a very early flight from Tucson on Thursday morning which necessitates an overnight stay in a motel near the airport.

Once we get to Seattle, we’ll be hanging out with my brother-in-law, Jeb.

Jeb has just moved into a new apartment in downtown Seattle, which is great but I don’t think he has a ‘phone line yet. That means I’ll be relying on the generousity of others for bandwidth.

I have the hardware. I have the software. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to do some wirless blogging from the hi-tech home of evil.

Of course, to be really hi-tech, I should be posting from the airplane.