Archive: February 14th, 2003

Cre@teOnline Ce@sesCirculation

The editor of Cre@teOnline explains why the magazine is closing.

Strangely enough, he neglects to mention the main reason for the magazine’s slack circulation: it wasn’t very good.

I guess this means they’re never going to get ‘round to fixing those javascript errors on their website.

Netscape DevEdge Redesigns As Standards Showcase

Eric Meyer and the gang have revamped the Netscape DevEdge site with Cascading Style Sheets.

If you scroll down towards "More Features And Benefits", you’ll find a shout-out to your humble narrator’s site:

"The design can change easily as CSS allows separation of presentation from structure. We could just as easily offer wildly different layouts as thematic variations on a single layout. Some examples of this sort of complete restyling include the standards blog at, the journal at, and the search engine"

I got props. Cool.

Unfortunately, the design doesn’t work too well in Safari. In fact in the latest public beta, it causes the app to stall completely.

Overall, the latest public beta is better and faster, especially with Flash content. However, because of an annoying problem with the way it deals with some of the javascript over at The Session, I’ve actually gone back to the previous build for now.

Overall, the more I use Safari, the more I like it. The way the development team have been going after those bug reports is very impressive. I’m sure by the time it reaches 1.0 status, it’ll be a lean, mean browsing machine.

Speaking of version 1.0 releases, congratulations to Brent on the release of NetNewsWire 1.0.