Archive: February 20th, 2003

Fun with corporate speak

I sometimes find myself working on websites for typically corporate businesses.

At the same time, Jessica quite often has to translate some fairly buzzword-laden documents.

There is always the danger that this corporate, buzzword talk could spill over into our everyday lives.

After finishing off a lunch of leftovers the other day, we (jokingly) imagined what we would sound like:

“That was a successful lunch.”

“Yes. It was good that we were able to repurpose those lentils.”

“Yes. We were able to really leverage them.”

We ran out of steam then. We’ll never be in the same league as the genius that came up with this stuff:

“Customers leveraging the Asera platform will have the ability to seamlessly integrate real-time product knowledge into their enterprise eBusiness environments. Architected to provide tighter integration and deeper collaboration, the Asera Solution will enable global manufacturers to recognize greater results from collaboration, streamline efficiencies in the supply chain, and reduce costs.”