Archive: March 4th, 2003

Celebrity Hair

A transcript of part of an iChat conversation with Jamie over at Message:

“Hi Jamie. I was just crawling through my regular dose of RSS feeds and I came across a reference to your brother.”

(Jamie reads through the blog entry by Tom Coates)

“Well. Martin, being a mod, would probably DIE on hearing such rudeness! And I can personally vouch for the quality of his barnets when he’s in control of the situation (ie, not wearing TV hair for some part or other.) </bristle>!

Plus he’s not a celebrity, he’s an actor.”

“Hmm… I dunno; that dodgy ‘tache he was sporting on Later With Jools Holland is going to be hard to live down. No wonder he has a bad hair reputation.”

“I know - he even met Paul (The Modfather) Weller with that on! The shame. Still, better (as an actor) than wearing some dodgy stunt lip hair like vainer people would.”