Archive: March 6th, 2003

They. They, they, they shine on.

Hidden away on the listings page for the Sussex Arts Club is the regular singer/songwriter Thursday night slot for March 20th.

A duo calling themselves "Terry & Guy" will be headlining.

What the listings page doesn’t mention is that Terry is Terry Bickers and Guy is Guy Chadwick. Together, they form the core of The House Of Love, one of the finest bands in the history of uh… fine bands.

This will be their first concert together in over ten years.

I am so there.

Call and response

I love it when the web works like this.

In his weblog, Jeffrey Zeldman comments on Safari’s implementation of the title attribute and favicons.

Dave Hyatt, one of the developers working on Safari, responds in his weblog before the day is out.

Do not adjust your set

The colours really are that vivid.

This cosy Afghan that Jessica is modelling was made by Jessica’s grandmother.

Jessica in a blanket