Archive: March 11th, 2003

My glamourous life

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy for me.

I haven’t been doing any large projects. Instead, I’ve been running around from new media company to new media company doing a spot of PHP here, a dab of JavaScript there, a tuck of HTML somewhere else.

In theory, it shouldn’t make any difference what site I’m working on when I only see a small detail of it.

But one day last week when I found myself hot-desking between three different agencies, I started the day working on a training module for optometrists (complete with graphic illustrations of deformed eyeballs) and I finished the day working on the website of the official Jordan fanclub.

That last one just felt so much more glamourous.

Thinking about it, there should be a way of combining the two projects or at least sharing some of the audience:

“Jordan fans; think you might be making yourself go blind? Find out by visiting the optemetrist’s training website!”