Archive: April 5th, 2003

Little wireless wonder

I have my new iBook. More importantly, I have extra RAM and an airport card for my new iBook.

The actual laptop showed up a few days ago after I snapped it up on Apple’s refurb store. Since then, though, I’ve felt tethered by the lack of wirelessness.

Today, the RAM and airport card showed up. Now, with the airport card installed and the RAM bumped up from 128 to 640K, the iBook really comes into its own.

The installation would have been really straightforward if it weren’t for two annoyingly tiny and tight little screws inside the iBook. If you ever find yourself in the same situation, you will need a #0 Philip’s screwdriver. I had to nip out to the shops to get one.

Once those screws finally came free, it was easy to slip in the RAM and airport card. Now I’ve got a zippy little iBook that’s connected to a wireless network and able intentsive apps like Virtual PC and Photoshop.

It’s an indispensible tool for a hot desking freelance web developer like myself.