Archive: April 25th, 2003

On the beach

Oh, dear. Brighton doesn’t fare too well in one man’s mission to rate the beaches of the world:

“Brighton had the dirtiest beach, alongside Bamburi in Mombassa, Kenya. It also had the least glamour, the worst view, the murkiest water, expensive sandwiches, “uncomfortable” pebbles, a lack of “fun” activities and only moderately friendly locals, although the waves were good.”

I think “moderately friendly locals” should be the new motto for Brighton and Hove.

To be fair, Brighton was only one of two European beaches to make into his list at all. Still, I’d be the first to admit that it can’t quite compare to Waikiki beach in Hawaii.

Design vs. syndication

This site has been getting mentioned in some good company lately.

Merci beaucoup to Emmanuel Clèment who likes the new sci-fi theme.

Ralf Graf lists this site as a source of inspiration alongside places like K10K. Vielen Dank, Ralf; sehr nett von dir.

What’s wierd is that Jeffrey Zeldman also names this site in the same sentence as K10K calling both “design-oriented, visually striking sites”.


Unfortunately, the rest of the entry is an argument against providing RSS feeds at sites like this. All is forgiven, though: he relents and starts rolling his own RSS feed a few entries later.

Personally, I really like using the RSS feed provided by K10K. I can keep track of the short little snippets in the newsposts box on the front page without having to go to the site and resize my browser window just to make it all fit.

I still visit the site when there’s a new issue available, which I’ll know about straight away, of course, thanks to the same RSS feed.

RSS rocks, Jeffrey; don’t try to fight it.

I, for one, would like to welcome our new RSS overlords.

Design vs. legibility

The Designer is a very pretty looking site that publishes a PDF design magazine.

Unfortunately, the front page of the site is completely illegible. Headings are readable, links just about stand out but the actual text is tiny flesh-coloured type on a flesh-coloured background.

I was genuinely interested in reading the content but my eyeballs started to complain about the inordinate amount of overtime they were being forced to work.