Archive: May 28th, 2003

Blogging at the BBQ

I’m in a garden in Lewes. The sun has gone down and I’ve just finished eating some barbequed meat surrounded by fellow geeks from the Brighton New Media list. The perfect end to a beautiful sunny day.

This garden has wireless coverage, hence this entry.

Enough geekiness. Time for me to get on a train back to the big smoke of Brighton.

Brighton's going wireless

It looks like Brighton is about to get networked, just in time for Summer.

As of Friday, there’ll be three free wireless access points in town; The Black Lion (The Lanes), Riki Tik’s (North Laine) Grand Central (opposite the station) with another, Bar de la Mer (on the beach) on being added on Saturday.

There’ll be more hotspots added by and by. Did I mention that they’re going to be free?

I’ll head down to Riki Tik’s on Friday for the grand unwiring where hopefully I’ll be able to do some on-the-spot blogging.

iTunes update

Apple have released an update to iTunes but you might not want to download it just yet.

In the digital equivalent to shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, the new update disables the ability to share music libraries over anything other than a local network.

This is a shame. I was enjoying listening to other people share their music over the internet. Essentially, it’s like having a really small listening party - no more than five people can connect to the same music library at one time. I’m able to listen to whole albums by say, The Flaming Lips and Coldplay instead of just hearing the singles when they happen to come on the radio. It makes me want to go out and buy the albums.

I can’t download the songs, I can only listen in to somebody’s private radio station broadcasting somebody’s private mix-tape.

For a while, I thought I was witnessing the future of legal peer to peer music promotion. Looks like the dream is over.