Archive: June 8th, 2003

Keeping music live

I’m just back from a day out in London; Hammersmith, to be precise.

I went to see Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds playing at the Hammersmith Apollo. They were great (as always) but somehow it just wasn’t quite the same without Blixa and his distinctive scream.

It’s been a busy week for gigs. Last Tuesday, I saw Royal City playing together with The Broken Family Band. They were both rather good. I took the opportunity to distrubute some flyers for the Salter Cane concert coming up next week.

On Thursday night, I didn’t actually attend the Tindersticks concert at the end of my street but I did stand outside afterwards distributing more flyers. That was after attending a gig earlier that evening by local outfit, She Said where, naturally, I also distributed some flyers.

If you see me with a stack of little bits of paper in hands, weaving in and out of the cafes and bars of Brighton and Hove over the next few days, you’ll know what I’m up to.