Archive: June 13th, 2003

Worst domain names ever

I’m sure the people behind "Who Represents" are the same people who decided on the domain name for "Powergen Italia".

Up on the roof

I’m out on the veranda with my neighbours, Chris and Karin, who live at the top of our building. We’re sipping some beers and bidding farewell to the last of the sun’s rays.

I was hoping that my wireless network would extend this far. It does (barely) but what really surprised me was finding another, unencrypted wireless network up here with a stronger signal.

So, to whoever owns the Air321 network; thanks for the bandwidth.

I’d chalk it up but the chalkmark would only be visible to passing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon type rooftop assasins.

It's not the winning that counts; it's the prizes

Jessica and I went along to the Virtual Festival Awards last night. I was rooting for Jessica’s site in the "Best Personal Site and Weblogs" category.

She didn’t win so we laid claim to some O’Reilly goodies, two t-shirts and a book, as consolation prizes.

We also got to meet Jo and hang out with Richard and Wendy into the early hours which was very pleasant indeed.

Best acceptance speech of the evening goes to Jim McNiven of Kerb who is probably waking up with a hangover today and asking "I said *what* about Victoria Real?!".