Archive: July 14th, 2003

Wish you were here

Over the last few days, England has been enjoying something of a heatwave, a beautiful heatwave.

I’ve been enjoying the warmth, lounging around in parks and on the beach. I’ve also been taking lots of pictures.

Today was an incredibly clear day. I could actually see the coast of France, something that’s normally obscured by fog, cloud or haze. The sky was a uniform blue colour that threw every building and object into sharp relief.

I was snapping pictures like crazy. I had to stop twice to download pictures on to my laptop. I was hoping to connect to the Pier to Pier network during one of these stops but, alas, it didn’t reach the café where Jessica and I stopped for iced coffees.

I’ve chosen some of the best pictures from today’s aimless rambling and put them together in a gallery: Brighton beach pictures.

Real Life

I’ve been honing my Quake playing skills lately, but Gamespot have a review of what sounds like a "must have" for fans of first-person, multiplayer adventures. It’s called Real Life:

"There are so many different options and viable decisions for a character to make that it’s just about impossible for any one character to see everything and visit all the colorful and sometimes dangerous locations. Unlike in other MMORPGs, combat actually isn’t a major factor for most players in real life, though players are bound to engage in a few skirmishes early in their lives."