Archive: July 31st, 2003

Coming to America

I’m heading stateside tomorrow. I plan to spend three weeks soaking up the sun in Arizona.

On the way, I’ll stop off in Baltimore to see my old pal, Dan Brown.

I should have net access once I get to Arizona. Jessica’s parents have set up a wireless network in their house so maybe I’ll end up blogging from the side of the pool.

I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and I’ll endeavour to keep updating here regularly.

Hove rocks

Anyone from ‘round here will tell you that the city of Brighton & Hove is split between the hip, sleazy Brighton and the posh, old Hove (actually).

Personally, I think that some of Brighton’s hipness is rubbing off on the population of Hove.

I spent the entire day yesterday in a studio in Hove with Salter Cane, recording a song. The other band members and myself got on a bus in the morning to get there. I guess it was pretty clear that we were in a band, laden down as we were with instruments and amps. As we were alighting from the bus, an elderly, grey-haired lady who was also getting off at the same stop asked me:

"Are you going to a gig or have you just played?"

"Um…", I replied. "We’re going into the studio, actually."

She nodded and said:

"It’s nice to see some life around here."