Archive: October 15th, 2003

Frank Black, I presume

I went to see Frank Black in concert last night.

At least, I think it was him…. but how can I be really sure?

Well, whoever he was, he rocked.

live at the Concorde2

The Matrix Rewound

Because I enjoyed it so much when I saw it in the cinema, I made sure to snap up a copy of The Matrix Reloaded when it came out on DVD a few days back.

I got a nasty fright when I first inserted the DVD and my iMac refused to play it. My first thought was that Warner Bros. had introduced some kind of crappy “copy protection” mechanism that meant I wouldn’t be able to watch the movie. I prepared myself for getting rightously indignant.

As it turned out, the actual problem was with my computer and it was caused by yours truly installing an old version of Developer Tools. A quick google on the error message turned up an Apple help article that fixed the problem.

With that taken care of, I swivelled my iMac’s screen ‘round to face the comfy seating area where I plonked myself down with my T68i in hand to use as a remote control.

DVDs are the perfect format for films like The Matrix Reloaded. It’s great being able to watch the best bits in high quality over and over. I’m not talking about the special effects, either. I’m talking watching about a leather-clad Trinity using Nmap and sshnuke to do some hardcore hacking.

a screenshot of Trinity\'s laptop screen