Archive: December 1st, 2003

Bad web whuffie

Here’s a message I sent earlier through the contact page at Macoholics:


I just wanted to point out a small typo on your site. At the bottom of each page you have a copyright statement that reads: © 2003 This should read © Dan Benjamin of Hivelogic.”

“If you have room, you could replace © with the words ‘shamelessly ripped off from’.

Hope that helps.”

The internet is too small for that kind of thing.

UPDATE: it looks like Macoholics have changed the front page of their site. I’m glad to see they’re doing the right thing. What a shame that they had to be pressured into making the change.

Renaissance theme

One week ago I was in Bologna. I was walking through cobblestoned streets lined with red-roofed old buildings. Many of the buildings were painted in the typical Renaissance style of yellows, browns and oranges.

Geek that I am, I saw these colours and mentally tried to figure out what the nearest web-safe equivalent would be.

A week later, I no longer have to wonder. I spent the day going through my digital snapshots using Photoshop’s eyedropper tool as I went.

It wasn’t purely an exercise in nerdish anal retentiveness. I wanted to create a little momento of my Italian trip. What better way than with a new theme for this site?

I call it the Renaissance theme.

All the photographs are from last week’s trip. So is the tiling background image. Many of the walls had wonderful textures of peeling fresco-like paint.

I must have looked the world’s weirdest tourist as I took close up shots of bits of wall while surrounded by beautiful architecture.