Archive: January 15th, 2004

Shooting the band

I spent the wee hours of last night honing my Photoshop chops.

Salter Cane needed a decent band photo to send out to magazines, record labels, etc., so we convened an impromptu photo shoot.

We went to Catherine’s house (she’s the drummer in the band) mostly because her place of abode offered the most atmospheric setting. The staircase in particular has a slightly gothic feel to it.

We took about fifty photographs. I’d set the timer, run back to the rest of the group and try desperately to look casual. But not too casual. Sort of intense, too. Casually intense.

Out of those fifty photographs we were able to find a few that were halfway decent. After that, the Photoshop work began.

I tweaked levels, moved curves, blurred, sharpened, adjusted brightness, contrast, saturation…

I came to realise that adjusting digital images wasn’t very different from mixing a song: after a few hours, I could no longer tell if what I was doing was improving the pictures or not.

Looking at the pictures afresh (after some sleep), I think they turned out okay. See for yourself.

See if you can spot whose likeness has undergone head replacement in one of the pictures.