Archive: March 5th, 2004

Paris in the Springtime

When I was in Arizona at Christmas time, the focal point of the seasonal celebration was the exchanging of gifts around the Christmas tree.

For my brother-in-law, Jeb, Jessica and I had brought over some kitschy English souvenirs: a toy mini car and a moneybox in the shape of an English postbox.

Imagine our surprise then, when Jeb presented his gift to us: a weekend in Paris. He booked us a flight from Gatwick to Charles De Gaulle and a hotel room near the Luxembourg Gardens.

Hmm… suddenly the miniature mini and postbox-shaped moneybox don’t seem quite so impressive any more.

So now I’ve given some context to the two things I’m about to say:

Firstly, THANK YOU, JEB!

Secondly, I’M OFF TO PARIS!

I intend to make it an indulgent, epicurean weekend of wine and food. I plan to ingest my own body weight in oysters, langoustines, crossaints, baguettes, eclairs and creme bruleè whilst imbibing some of the finest wines on the face of the planet.

I’ll be sure to take some pictures.

Au revoir!