Archive: June 30th, 2004

Good evening, Portland!

I’m back from the wilds of Dorset. As I suspected, the weather wasn’t entirely conducive to camping outdoors so my nights were spent tucked away in a warm bed between four walls under a roof.

The music festival was very well organised and executed. In fact, the only thing lacking was people. It felt a bit Spinal Tapesque when we showed up to play to a mostly empty field. I believe the technical term for this sort of gig is "paying your dues".

Actually, the Salter Cane gig went pretty well. We sold CDs to a few people. Bear in mind that "a few" was a significant proportion of the audience.

One advantage to the paucity of people was that we enjoyed a blinding set by The Sadies in a nice, intimate environment. They are <napoleon dynamite voice>probably the best live band around</napoleon dynamite voice>.

Most of all, it was a fun weekend of hanging around listening to and playing music. I took pictures, mostly of the good people with whom I spent the weekend.

pictures of people