Archive: August 7th, 2004


This collection of 1920s erotic photos features one flapper with a mandolin and another with a bouzouki.

Is it wrong that I notice these things?

Thanks to Ben Hammersley for the pointer.


If you’d like to make a difference in the ever-worsening situation in Darfur, please, please, please make a donation (via the secure WorldPay service) to the World Food Program. I’ve made a modest contribution which, by itself, won’t amount to much but, with your help, could make all the difference.

You can watch the tragedy unfold or you can do something about it. Once this crisis has passed, the recriminations can begin (and there are those who deserve to feel the full wrath of the international community) but in the meantime, let’s do what we can to end this intolerable situation.

Thanks to Tim Bray for giving me a good kick up the arse.


File this under "Now, why didn’t I think of that?".

Seth Green has come up with a great little piece of DOM scripting that enhances print stylesheets. Basically, once the page has loaded, it loops through all the links in a specified part of the page: if the text of the link isn’t the same as the "href" value of the link, it creates a <span> right right after the link with the class "printMe". Meanwhile, the screen stylesheet has the display value for that class set to "none" while the print stylesheet has the display set to "inline". Voila! The printed version of the page shows all the links written out.

Clever bastard.


I finally caved in and succumbed to the temptation of owning the style gadget de-siècle. I’ve ordered an iPod.

I was planning to get an iPod mini but then they brought out the lovely fourth generation iPod with that oh-so-nice scroll wheel (which is the bit I loved the most about the iPod mini). That clinched it for me: I just had to have one.

I saved myself a bit of money by ordering it through the US version of the Apple store. I’ll be in The States in a couple of weeks and hopefully my gadget will be waiting for me when I show up.


Richard points out that Jamie Oliver’s website is now written in XHTML and CSS.

I’ve had the site in my bookmarks for a while now but I’ve never actually viewed source. I’m usually too busy drooling over the recipes like the one for grilled marinated mozzarella. I might try making the suggested substitution of monkfish for mozzarella. Either way, it sure looks scrumptious.


When I really should be working, the last thing I need to read is this excellent article by Tom Hodgkinson in The Guardian entitled The Virtue Of Idleness, taken from his forthcoming book How To Be Idle:

"It is a sad fact that from early childhood we are tyrannised by the moral myth that it is right, proper and good to leap out of bed the moment we wake in order to set about some useful work as quickly and cheerfully as possible."

"I would argue not only that early rising is totally unnatural but also that lying in bed half awake - sleep researchers call this state ‘hypnagogic’ - is positively beneficial to health and happiness. A good morning doze of half an hour or more can, for example, help you to prepare mentally for the problems and tasks ahead."

So true.


It’s that time of year again. Brighton is party-central this weekend. Brighton Pride is an annual event celebrating the town—, sorry, city’s gay and lesbian community. It’s Fun with a capital F and it’s make me proud to live here.

Meanwhile in America, the president of Disney has to defend the company for allowing (though not encouraging) Gay Days at its theme parks. In a television interview that was supposed to be about a new computer for kids, a rabid Fox interviewer begins frothing at the mouth because Disney doesn’t actively discourage Gay Days:

“I mean, in June you have ‘Gay Days’ at your theme parks. You got any ‘Gay Days’ on the Mickey computer?”

“Well, this has built into it all kinds of protective devices that protects the kid, or the child from internet sites that a parent wouldn’t deem appropriate. Also, the fact…”

“Well, you don’t protect the kids from ‘Gay Days’ at the theme parks, do you? Why do you have to protect them in the computer?”

“No, we don’t sponsor… we don’t sponsor ‘Gay Days’. You know, we are a company that lets anyone who is willing to pay through our gates.”