Archive: October 19th, 2004


I’ve been doing some spring cleaning around here (if you’re reading this in an RSS reader, you might want to visit the site to investigate some of the changes).

I’ve tweaked and streamlined the CSS a bit. I’ve also made a few subtle graphical changes to some of the themes on over (most notably TateModern and Sci-Fi). Hopefully everything will be looking much the same as before. If things look screwy, refresh. If things still look screwy, let me know.

There’s also been a couple of little Information Architecture changes. Instead of listing every past month for the journal, I’ve simply added a link to a list of earlier months. Similarly, instead of listing all the picture galleries on offer, I’m just showing one link to a directory of galleries. The random image link is staying though, and I’m also highlighting the most recent gallery to be added.

So the sidebar has been trimmed a bit. While your attention is focused there, let me draw your attention to a feature that has been around for a while but you might not have noticed…

In the sidebar (which may be to your left or your right, depending on the theme you’ve selected), all those subsections are toggle-able. For instance, if you click on “Current Status” or “Customise”, the content in question will fold up. Clicking the headline again will reveal the content.

I toyed with the idea of making all the sidebar content boxes hidden by default but, for now, I think I’ll leave it as it is. Feel free to peruse the JavaScript if you’re curious.