Archive: January 16th, 2005

Portfolio piece

I’ve been tinkering with my portfolio. I decided that rather than having a long list of all the work I’ve done, it would be better to highlight just a few pieces that I’m particularly proud of.

It’s no coincidence that many of the sites listed under "Featured Work" are ones over which I have direct control. My hand-crafted, valid mark-up doesn’t always survive too well when it’s sent out into the world under the supervision of an uncaring client.

More importantly though, I decided that I wanted the portfolio to feel fresher. I intend to rotate which piece gets highlighted. I’ve been working on a few projects lately that I intend to showcase just as soon as I get ‘round to snapping some screenshots and writing up the processes involved.

While I was tinkering with my portfolio anyway, I also decided to do a little searching and replacing to bring the terminology up to date.

a screenshot of BBEdit