Archive: February 1st, 2005

Almost there...

This is pretty cool: Panic Software, makers of fine mac apps, have opened up a little store called PanicGoods. It sports a very nifty drag’n’drop interface.

You can drag items to the shopping cart which is permanently situated at the bottom of the screen. Even cooler, you can drag items right back out again and watch them disappear in a dock-like puff of smoke.

But, and this is a big but, it doesn’t work at all if JavaScript isn’t enabled. This is a shame. With a little bit more work, a fall-back bit of server-side action could fix this shortcoming. Sure, it would require page refreshes (sullying the seamless nature of the shopping experience) but at least you’d still be able to buy stuff.

Still, there are some great ideas at work here. I’d like to see some of these ideas integrated with the more traditional shopping cart model to form a nifty JavaScript front-end that degrades gracefully.

Gilding the Apple

When Apple released the G5 iMac, I professed my hope that we would soon see some third-party armatures:

"Any alternate stands would have to be finely engineered for balance but I wouldn’t be surprised if some enterprising hardware manufacturer comes out with an armature in the style of the G4 iMac."

A company called Bluebroc have gone one better. They’ve designed an entire sofa around the iMac. That might be a tad extravagant but check out the armature on that thing. It looks very flexible indeed. Maybe they’ll build a sofa-free version.

Meanwhile, the Mac mini, which has only been out for a few weeks, already has a raft of accessories available. Expect more to follow.

If you’re looking for third-party products made with real love and care, the adorable foofbags have the market cornered. Handmade cosies: they’re not just for iPods (or bluetooth dongles).