Archive: March 28th, 2005


I really like the design of Absenter. It’s a photography site where the photographs take centre-stage.

Even the colour scheme is subservient to the picture. The photograph dictates what colour the navigation will take. That seems like an awful lot of work to me but there’s no doubt that it pays off. It’s a great example of letting the content inform the design.

There are some truly wonderful photography sites out there. Ephemera is a favourite of mine. Doug Bowman and Jason Kottke have also done a great job of making photo galleries.

Absenter is the work of Nazarin Hamid who works at Weightshift. The Weightshift site shares a similar aesthetic, one that I like a lot. It’s clearly influenced by good print design: dotted lines, a clear grid and excellent typography.

I’ll definitely be paying attention to Memo, the Weightshift blog.

iChat Buddy List to hCards

A handy little AppleScript by Tantek that turns your iChat buddy list into an XHTML file with an unordered list of hCards.