Archive: April 22nd, 2005

Fight club

There are a lot of ways of tracking up-to-the-minute memes on the Web right now. You can check out what’s hot on Technorati. You can find out what’s popular with

But really, you can’t beat a good ol’ punch up.

That’s why, when I idly wondered which was the more powerful buzzword; Ajax or Folksonomy, I turned to GoogleFight.

Who knew? It’s Ajax by a knockout.

Xylescope Beta

A very nifty little OS X app for viewing the markup and style of web pages. Sehr gut gelungen.

It's a whole new internet

An inspiring essay by Janice Fraser of Adaptive Path. The internet is back.

Ryanair bans work phone charging

Another reason (as if you needed one) to avoid this cowboy airline.